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Just an FYI for all you Safari users (that's <u>everyone</u>, right?)...

Sometimes you find a cool Shockwave animation online that you want to keep for offline viewing. In MSIE, etc., you could usually find the .swf file in your /tmp directory (via Terminal).

With Safari, the naming conventions are different. Safari now calls Flash files something like:


To keep 'em for yourself, do the following:

1/ open Terminal
2/ type cd / (press return)
3/ type ls -l (press return for filelist)
4/ look for the files that start with "SafariPlugInStream"
5/ type cp SafariPlugInStream.codeletters /Users/yourname/Desktop/filename.swf
(obviously, replace "codeletters" with the actual filename, and "yourname" with your username)
6/ the file should appear on your desktop, with a Quicktime icon. Double-click to play in Quicktime Player.


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