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Is just me or has anyone else noticed that even if you set a custom home page of your choice within Safari ie. ( that it still defaults back to the Apple/Netscape page Is this a panther thing? Everytime I shut down Safari and re-launch it defaults back....

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Corrupted preference file.

Quit Safari.
Open a Finder window, type in in the search field, press return.
Throw the file into the Trash (it will stay in that window because it shows where the file is) and empty trash. Start up Safari again, reset your preferences.

Your bookmarks will be safe, so no worries there.

Also, this should have gone into Mac Help & Troubleshooting, so you know for next time you have a problem. ;) (I'm a sticker for keeping things where they should be, but you won't get in trouble if you don't).
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