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Russia attempts to annex the North Pole.

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Russia eyes up a frozen asset
Luke Harding in Moscow
June 29, 2007
IT IS already the biggest country, spanning 11 time
zones and stretching from Europe to the Far East. But on Wednesday Russia signalled its intention to
get even bigger by announcing an audacious plan to annex a vast 1.2-million-square-kilometre chunk of
the frozen and ice-encrusted Arctic.
According to Russian scientists, there is new evidence backing Russia's claim that its northern Arctic
region is directly linked to the North Pole via an underwater shelf.
Under international law, no country owns the North Pole. Instead, the five surrounding Arctic states,
Russia, the US, Canada, Norway and Denmark are limited to a 200-nautical mile economic zone around
their coasts. On Monday, however, a group of Russian geologists returned from a six-week voyage on a
nuclear icebreaker.
They had travelled to the Lomonosov ridge, an underwater shelf in Russia's remote and inhospitable
eastern Arctic Ocean.
According to Russia's media, the geologists returned with the "sensational news" that the ridge was
linked to Russian territory, boosting its claim over the triangle, which contains 10 billion tonnes of gas
and oil deposits.
Russia's Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper celebrated by printing a large map of the North Pole. It
showed the new "addition" to Russia - the size of France, Germany and Italy combined - under a white,
blue and red Russian flag.
Under the United Nations convention on the laws of the sea, no country's shelf extends to the North
Sergey Priamikov, of Russia's Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St Petersburg, said: "The
Canadians could say the Lomonosov ridge is part of the Canadian shelf, which means Russia should in
fact belong to Canada, together with the whole of Eurasia."
Guardian News & Media

Canada could also make this claim if Russia tries this. :D
The potential wealth in natural resources will likely attract other countries interests/objections.
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There goes Newfoundland and Labrador. Where did I put my English to Russian dictionary???

Seriously, I tire of the US and now Russia coming in and claiming this territory which is part of Canada.
Canadians strangely assume that what we say is Truth, only opposed by countries that are a little strange in how they do not buy our Truth.

Turns out, other countries manufacture the same thing so they do not need to buy ours.

Let's surprise them by surrendering Baffin Island to as yet uknown aliens and, while they scratch their heads, seize Luxembourg.
Be :cool: Let H0HOHO be your salvation The North Pole is ours Santa Clause is our gift to the world H0HOHO be:cool:!
As far as I know, the North Pole is an ice cap, meaning it's international waters, ownable by no one. It belongs neither to Russia, the US, Canada or Santa Claus. I didn't read the article or most of the posts, so what have I missed?

What's the policy on drilling for oil in international water? Russia already has so much oil in its northeastern territories, yet they're having trouble getting it out and transporting it. Why do they want to pick a fight over this?
Well, I'm guessing that time will tell who has the right combination of chutzpah and firepower to back up their claims to Arctic resources. Anyone bordering that area can make grand-sounding claims; the real trick is to be able to back it up should challengers happen along.
Quick.... Fire-up Canada's northern war ship!


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I checked a few other sources on this, like the Globe and Mail, and this appears to be nothing more than some patriotic grandstanding by the Russian media at this point.

I have not heard anything official from the Russian government.

Everyone is going to be staking out bargaining positions on this over the next several years so we might as well get used to it.

It seems perfectly obvious to me, even at this early stage, that Russia is actually in Canadian territory due to the arrangement of the so-called "Lomonosov Ridge" and since our First Nations peoples clearly came across on the land bridge between Russia and Alaska, that we can claim both as Canadian territory due to them being located on ancestoral hunting grounds...hey, we are playing that card with Hans Island so why not.

While we are at it, let's finally get the Turks and Caicos islands in the Carribbean into Confederation and quit playing games around the issue every 50 years or so like we have for the last century. I want to go somewhere warm without a passport.
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I'm all for the Turks and Caicos idea... figured I would retire there in 30 years or so. :D
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