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While reading another thread, I thought about the rabid macaholics among us who choose to or are given the opportunity to use a Mac in a predominantly Windoze environment. Here's your chance to share your victories, defeats, struggles,

My story:

I sit behind a massively structured firewall at a health care facility that since the MasterBlaster virus, has limited my access to outside ports (thereby cutting off my iTunes radio stations) but I enjoy remaining an anomaly to the IBM service guys who routinely pass off Mac questions to an outside vendor. Duh!

Because I primarily work with applications like Photoshop and Illustrator along with the usual MSOffice apps, the PC I started with was a 1 Ghz, 512Ram, 20GigHD box. I found a disused and shunned G3AIO 266, upgraded the RAM and OS and subsequently was given a large display project to complete. Every time I tried to work on an ever-increasing image file size on the PC, it crashed or hung up even if PhSHp was the only app open.

When I ported the project over to the G3, it was slow but steady, PSP 5.5 chugged along and my 3Gig+ project was completed and burned off to the printer. Yes it maxed out my tiny 4GigHD but it got the job done.

After seeing the results, a budgetary consideration was made, and a new G4 1.25DP MDD with 1GigRam, 120Gig internal and 120GigFW externalHD and a 17" Studio display now graces my desk.

I'm still in OS 10.2.8 but use Mail and Safari exclusively now even though I have a Windoze machine on the next desk. Maybe for the odd attachment will I go to the other machine, accessing my mail through Netscape Messenger as directed by the IT mandarins while Internet Exploder is recommended for some of the internal web sources I require access to. Funny thing though, Safari looks so much nicer on these WinNT built sites and I get a kick out of the message that reads, "Your Browser is Not Supported" while I cruise through my duties with the Aqua interface soothing my eyes over the chunky look of the other browser.

I choose not to upgrade to Panther just yet and Safari 1.0 gives me what I want. Have had some keychain and permission issues when changing IP addresses that have been resolved very quickly.

I know there are others within our region that use Macs, including our AV guys who use iMovie on an eMac for creating presentation clips as well as an entire MRI research department once featured on the Apple site. (Sorry I coudn't find the link).

Whose next with their story? Would love to hear it.

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Apologies for posting in this thread. Would the moderators kindly move this topic to the appropriate venue?

Thanks :confused:

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Hey, here's my experience that clinched my loyalty to the Macintosh (it's a bit long, so bear with me):

In 1998, after having upgraded my Powerbook 1400cs to a new Powerbook G3 Wallstreet (stock 300 Mhz), I found myself using more intensive apps like Photoshop and Lightwave. I was new to the modern day computer technology, and was unsure of my decision. What I did know from past experiences was that Apples were more reliable. Everyone around me used or owned PCs. I was all on my own.
The studio I worked for at the time was all PC as well; except for one producer who had a PowerMac 6800(?). No one had yet seen the new G3 chip in action.
People started gawking at my Powerbook whenever they noticed its fine stylish design.
People became hypnotized when I ran DVD movies off the laptop as I researched films.
Then, a few people said "Well, it's fancy and pretty; but, our PCs are better and cheaper."

One day, we got a 250 MB Photoshop file from our out-of-house "designer". One of our people tried to open it on their "Dual Intel Pentium III" (the studio's main graphics box). Custom built machine with two processors, about a gig of ram, new graphics card, blah, blah, blah.
She put the cd into the PC and opened the file with Photoshop.
Photoshop chugged for about 3 minutes.
"Crash!!!!!!!" went the machine!
"Hmmmm..." said that person.
"Hmmmm..." I said.
"Let's try that again." she said.
"Crash!!!" again went the PC.
She replied "The file must be corrupted. Maybe there's a virus on the disc."
I said "I have an idea."
I took the cd and inserted it into my Powerbook G3.
She said "You're gonna open it on your laptop?"
"Why not?" I said.
She thought me naive, as she had been working with computers graphics for a few years already.
I opened Photoshop,
I opened the file from cd...
Chug, chug...
About 5 minutes passed...
Chug, chug, chug...
Then, the file opened (in all its glory)!
I said to everyone, "This is why I use a Mac."

I am currently the network and IT administrator at a new and young studio. We have a near even split of Macs and PCs. I spend 96% of my time fixing or problem solving Windows issues. 3% of the time I spend showing the Mac users how to do something. The remaining 1% of the time is spent troubleshooting the Macs.

This is why I still and will always use a Mac.


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Both my wife and I are former employees of Apple Canada. When my wife decided to move on, she told her new employer that she flat-out refused to use a Windows computer. She never had and never will. Besides, she was brought on board to investigate and manage a move into the Mac marketplace.

It was not particulairly difficult to get her first Mac (a Duo 2300) up and running on their primarily PC network. Every app they threw at it had a counterpart in the Mac world. The concept of the duo even amazed many withing the company.

As time rolled on, more and more macs bagan showing up in the workplace and my wife is happy with her second TiBook now running Panther. When the IT department suggested that I do the Panther install for them, they did have some suggestions as there were a number Panther systems on their network including some entire departments (can you guess which ones?). On a couple of occasions my wifes' TiBook has filled-in in emergency situations where the PC laptops have crashed.

The Mac, while not the primary platform, is quite happy in the environment and the company has very successfully made it's way into the Mac marketplace.

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If you look at what Apple is doing with Panther and Panther Server you clearly get the big picture that they are working VERY hard to make Macs fit in with enterprise IT.

Tings like Active Directory integration, built-in support for authentication proxy and proxy auto configuration, better SMB connection and the list goes on and on.

Our experience shows that Panther Server is the product that really shines, especially with the XServe hardware. IT folks LOVE the way that machine is designed and works.

I have no doubt that Apple is preparing a huge push into the enterprise market very soon once a few more pieces and put into place (Safari 2.0 might be the browser that fixes our "not supported" problems). In my view Safari is the major stumbling block, not because it doesn't work, but because it reports itself and not being "Internet Exploder" to web servers doing browser checks. We routinely get customers having trouble with certain sites and enabling the debug menu in Safari and setting the user agent to Windows IE 6 always fixes the problem. Its up to Apple to give us a permanent solution to this problem.
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