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Having checked all the prepaid plans I have found Speakout wireless to be the least expensive pay-n-talk. The phones and top-up vouchers are only available at 7-Eleven convenience stores. The system runs on the Rogers' network so identical access to the system as Rogers' true customers. The charge for incoming and outgoing local voice minutes is 0.20c/min, and long distance at 0.30c/min. Text messages to Canadian numbers are 0.05 both incoming and outgoing and US numbers 0.10. The top-up cards are $25 $50 $75 and $100 and the big deal here is that the validity period for minutes purchased on any card is 1 year - as opposed to 30 days for most other carriers. They also deduct 0.99/month from the account balance for 911/system access.

If you add up the charges you describe for your sister the minutes plus texting come to $15.00/month plus the $1 access fee. If you start to use more time than this it can quickly add up to more than some monthly plans so pay-n-talk only works for low volume users. To start on the system you must buy a phone package at 7-Eleven stores only as it is the only way to get a SIM card. The phone is pre-activated with a number local to the store you purchase at, however existing cell numbers can be ported over- or the pre-programmed number can be changed to one local to your home. Make sure number changes are done prior to using the phone, Customer Service is hesitant to help after the phone has been used. All of this only works if you are close to a 7-Eleven store for the original purchase, and top-up cards can only be purchased at 7-Eleven stores. The is a link below to an unofficial website/discussion forum.

The Unofficial 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless Canada Consumer Page » The Unofficial FAQ
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