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Rogers vs Fido Prepaid?

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My sister (who is 15) needs a cell phone...she has my old razr...she wants either rogers or fido(cause its GSM) and

she wants to know whats better

she uses around 50minutes a month

and like 100texts?

whats better fido or rogers?

and whats cheaper?

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Fido has better day rates (as low as $0.20/min). Rogers has better evening and weekend rates (as low as $0.01/min). Text messages are expensive on either, at 15 cents per sent SMS no matter which plan you're on.
You might also want to consider 7-11 wireless on your unlocked RAZR as well if the phone will be used exclusively in Canada, it's a Rogers virtual carrier and their rates are 20 cents/minute and 5 cents for each sent and recieved SMS.

In any case, if you find that your sister ends up using the phone heavily, you'll probably need to put her on a plan (even if it's a month-to-month Fido plan).
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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