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I've actually replaced my land line entirely with a Virgin Mobile phone. Apparently, they use the Bell Wireless network - so you can expect the same type of coverage/reliability, I'd imagine. Their packages are very inexpensive for users who don't talk often - It's still all pre-paid, so no contracts. They also include VoiceMail and Caller ID at no additional charge. Also, no 911 fee or system access fee like I used to have when I was with Rogers.

I currently pay $10 a month for the rate of 10 cents a minute (so, 10 plus airtime). My land line cost me about 30 a month from Bell, and I hardly ever used it - so it was of great value to switch... As well, with number portability, I was able to keep my landline number on my cell phone.

Not sure if you've decided solely on Fido, but definitely check out Virgin Mobile.
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