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Fido coverage in The Hammer is pretty spotty, plus there are only a few places where you can get a card to refill it, which is a pain because my friend, who has one, has to travel around every month looking for a card. I used to have Rogers, but they dropped the plan I was on, so I dropped them. I really did not feel like having to refill my phone every month, and I really do not need huge numbers of minutes at great cost.

My girlfriend has Virgin. Service is pretty good, and you can get a card that lasts an entire year. Too bad the phone itself is pretty sucky. You have to wait like a half minute from when you turn it on. to get through all of the "cool" (that is, crappy) boot graphics. There are some pretty big spots where there is no coverage, like at the QEW/403 junction in Burlington. But for $100 per year, it is pretty reasonable.
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