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Rogers puts iPhone on Hold!

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From Engadget

Canadians who were hoping for an iPhone announcement from Rogers in the near future may as well put their wallets aways as Ted and the boys at Rogers still don't have a date. Citing Canada's smaller cellular market as one possible reason, Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed said the device would likely go on sale in Europe before Canada. Rogers spokesperson Jan Innes added that the two sides aren't currently in chats about the handset, but refused to comment on if they had been in the past -- though seriously, they're nuts if they haven't been. But hey, if all this is getting you down, feel free look to eBay for a new set and then head over here for the details on that cleverly devised free iPhone unlock solution.
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I guess only those who are somehow morally against the unlock would care. It's not about Rogers anymore!

(And the data problem can be solved by other means, so..)
what "other means" for data are you referring to???
Translation: Ted doesn't want to lower data plan rates and Apple knows that unless he does it will be a bad thing for Apple .. no one wants a $3k bill for data usage. Ted is quite happy to charge his customers obscene amounts of $$ for data access.
Translation: Rogers is enjoying current blackberry and other sales, and knows that if they 'pre-announce' the iPhone by a few weeks or a few months, they will kill those sales. There is no chance that the announcement will precede sales of the iPhone by Rogers by more than a few days.
Hmm... you must have a good source. ;)
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