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Risky Proposition? Hitachi or WD 250GB Laptop Drive

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Risky Proposition? Hitachi or WD 250GB Laptop Drive!

Hey folks.

Well, I need a hard drive upgrade, and I need A BIG ONE. My 1st gen MBP currently has a 5400rpm 80GB drive, and between TWO different types of media work (audio and video) I need the biggest SATA drive I can get. The notions are as follows:

Seagate is generally known to be the best and their five year warranty bears this out. Although they have a 7200rpm 200GB drive, the problems for me are that I'm concerned about battery usage @ 7200rpm, I can't seem to find this particular 200GB Seagate anywhere in Canada... and there are 250GB drives out there... which leads me to:

The Hitachi 5400rpm 250GB drive. Price: $292.99. I don't know if Hitachi has righted the sins after they bought the "Deathstar" line from IBM some time ago, but Apple uses their drives from time to time, iirc. Their warranty: three years.

Then, there's the Western Digital Scorpio -- same speed and capacity as the Hitachi -- for less (as usual with these guys). In fact, Infonec is selling this drive for peanuts! As WD's reputation has been considered to be the lessor of the above, I might pass. And yet, they too have a three year warranty.

Sooo... what do y'all think? It's a mission-critical system that is back-up'd weekly (some smaller data files sync'd daily with .Mac and I usually do a drag-drop of big projects to external at the end of a heavy day's work), it needs to be BIG... oh, and QUIET.

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As can be expected, the firm with a lowest price on the drive has no stock and no ETA on the WD 250 Gb.

Prices can change by the time they come into stock.
Go with the WD..
I've got the WD on a current gen MacBook and I love it. Keep in mind, its 232gb after formatting.
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