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replace CD drive?

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CD Combo drive on mini accepts CD'S, but will not read them. At start of spin up there is a noise, drive stops and ejects CD. Is there an adjustment fix for the drive or is buying a new drive the likely result?
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If it happens to all CD's, the drive is defective. At least $450+ to replace out of warranty. (parts, labor, tax.)
Check out this place:
MCE 8x Internal SuperDrive Upgrade with Double Layer Support for Mac mini: MCE Technologies Online Store

$99.00 US I assume if you just want to buy the DVD burner or you can have it installed, they list places that do that throughout Canada, then you get the burner cheaper but you of course need to pay for the labour.
I would think the total would be a lot less than $450.- and you get a DL DVD burner.
If you find out any Canadian prices, could you post please. I have a Mini with a Combo player - if the player ecer bites the dust, I may put in a DVD burner .
The other option of course is an external firewire one which you can put together for less than $100.-
450 bucks to replace a cd drive???

holy crap. Can you say.... disposable computer?
450 bucks to replace a cd drive???

holy crap. Can you say.... disposable computer?
Once again proves the value of AppleCare. ;) Apple replacement service parts are notoriously expensive, and most of the time, you're better off replacing the unit than having it repaired.
Time for an external FW burner, should be a lot less than $450.:D
I ordered a Super drive from the US from Other World Computing - will install myself.........
the original drive has not seen that much use - hopefully the replacement will last longer
then there is the upgrade to the hard drive, a larger ram module .......
I just replaced the stock drive in my mini with a DL superdrive from OWC. It's really easy to do, half an hour tops.
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