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Remote Desktop connection

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I'm currently working remotely on a machine-room Mac Pro through a direct CAT5 connection to my MacBook Pro using VNC (Vine) and Chicken Of The VNC. Works great. However, I want to be able to manage the remote computer from OFFSITE. I plan to use Apple Remote Desktop (still on order).

I'm not an IT guy and really don't know anything much about IP addresses or ports or tunnelling, security... everyone has their weaknesses! I'm wondering if anyone here is feeling generous enough to point out specific things that I will need acquire or check off in order to make an ARD connection from my home computer through my own router to the internet and through the other company's considerable network down to a very lonely Mac Pro in a very dingy machine room somewhere below the streets of Toronto?

Thanks for any insight or links to "IP for dummies".
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Remote ARD

Hi vacuvox,
So, a couple things, first, is your Mac Pro running standard client OS X? We'll need to know a few things about how your network is currently set up. Is the machine behind a company router/firewall? Most machines are behind a router if they're in a company infrastructure, in which case if you want to use ARD directly you're going to have to speak to the network administrator and show him this link - - which has all the ports which are used for the majority of Apple software; you're of course interested in the ARD ports. However - this isn't the way I'd necessarily suggest you want to control your machine... If this machine is on a network with an existing company network, is there any chance there's an existing company VPN - if there is you may want to see if you can leverage this. Using a VPN connection will allow you to connect from a remote location and use the internal network the same way you are currently using it from your hard-wired connection. You'll have much better security using a VPN connection that you will with any port forwarding and encryption that ARD offers.

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Thanks, Andrina. Yep the Mac Pro running standard OS X. The machine is behind a company router/firewall - thanks for the link to the Apple ARD ports info. I have a meeting with their IT guy tomorrow. He doesn't know Mac stuff so it's great to go armed with the info and questions you've supplied.

I'm pretty sure there is an existing company VPN. I guess I'll find out tomorrow! Would I use a VNC viewer to control the machine through the VPN instead of ARD? I was hoping to use ARD for ease of file transfer. I don't think direct file transfer is possible using VNC? but I can always upload/download using FTP and a web host. Please ignore me if these questions are too many or too stupid. Thanks for your help so far.
LogMeIn Free for Mac (Preview)

I have not tried it but was looking at doing the same thing.

LogMeIn Free for Mac (Preview)

If you're a Mac user and you want to access your computers remotely, then this Preview of LogMeIn Free provides a glimpse of what's in store. Free and easy remote control that "just works" - combined with the standard LogMeIn bullet-proof security.

LogMeIn enables you to connect to your Mac computers from anywhere in the world; from any other Internet-enabled Mac, Windows PC or hand-held device. The remote control feature in LogMeIn Free means you can view and control your Mac desktop and applications just as if you were sitting at the computer. Just like LogMeIn Free for the PC, Mac users can add an unlimited number of their computers for free.
Thanks for the link - I'll try it. It seems I have more time to research now since my IT guy was a no show this morning! hmmf. My copy of ARD came in - so I'll be taking that for a test ride too.
I'm doing the other way around (i.e. accessing my home Mac behind my home router from a PC at work, all using VNC) and I followed these instructions:

HOWTO Use Your Mac From Anywhere

All it requires from their IT is to open/forward one port (ssh) on their network to the MacPro... and all the rest is configurable on either machine.
great link - thanks!
all I have to say is....


Tried it out and it works great.
not under Safari that well, but had to use Opera to get it working.
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