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Refurb MBP 17

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So I'm looking for a new laptop...

Should I buy one of these refurb 17 inchers? = I figure If I'm going to spend 2400 to upgrade the 15 inch to 160Gig I might as well get the bigger screen and video card for the same price... even if its' not LED.

The real question is am I going to regret not waiting until after leopard to buy....

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How much mobility do you need? The 17" can be unwieldy if you move around a lot each day. Personally, I think the 15" is a great compromise, and if hooked up to another monitor while at your main desk you end up with the best of both worlds.

As for Leopard - I think it's really a money decision rather than performance. Tiger is fantastic and few are expecting huge performance or stability increases with Leopard. If you need a new Mac now, get it and then grab Leopard when you have the cash. If a new Mac is not an immediate need, perhaps wait.
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