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Reducing the size of UB applications?

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I've been messing around with an application called "TrimTheFat" to reduce the footprint of Universal Binary applications. What I'm wondering, is if anyone could suggest an application which does the same thing, but on an entire system-wide scale? It would be awesome to automatically clean out any non-pertinent stuff.
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I use Xslimmer. You can drag whatever you want slimmed into it.
Thanks - that sounds similar to the application I've been using; I'll look into it. But what I'm really hoping to do is automate the entire process, so instead of going app by app, I can just periodically scan & trim to clean up anything that was recently installed.
Be careful. Delete the wrong file and you will find yourself reinstalling the OS. Personally, I would stick to trimming applications (ie those in the Applications folder) myself.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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