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Hey everyone,

Running latest version of OS X, can anyone recommend any good internet/file cleaning software? On my pc I used Windows Washer software from a company called Webroot. It was quite good in cleaning up my IE cache, cookies, recent apps, run/find/doc history, etc. They do have a Mac version but their )OSX version won't be available for a while.

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i downloaded the demo of macwasher but it kept saying i only had zero days left in the demo

i called the sales dept. and they really didn't seem to care much

they put me thru to tech support voice mail, only after bugging them about their software and being told, to buy it cause they have a money back guarantee

i said; "Well, if you can't make a demo that works, what faith should I have that you will refund my money?"

oh well, just another installment of the wild, wild west. that is the internet
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