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Recommend a cooling pad

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Please recommend a fanned cooling pad. My temperatures are uncomfortably high: mid-50s idle when powered by adapter and attached to my external display, 57-62 during low usage, and up to 70 or higher when viewing HD films. :rolleyes:
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As I've recently discovered on client MBs and MBPs, those are "normal" temps.
you can always install smc fan controller. Its cheaper then buying a laptop chill pad.
I was looking for a cooling pad for my macbook as well (a few months ago), but then I just forgot about it, so if anyone can link or suggest a few good cooling pads I would really appreciate it too.

Only real problem I've had with temps is when I was playing World of Warcraft on my macbook, and I switched to safari to look up something, and saw that the temps were at about 78. I switched back to WoW and 5 minutes later the sound stopped. I had picture, but no sound. less than a minute later my macbook shut off. No warning, just a black screen and the sound of the fan powering down. Wouldn't start again for a couple minutes. Then booted up normally with no problems since. Weird. lol :lmao:
The machines are designed to operated at high temp. The sign of 'abnormality' is when your fans start running at crazy speed continuously. To find out your fan time speed in real time, download the iStat Pro widget.

The best way to overheat a MB/MBP is to rest it on your lap, preferably with a cushion underneath!!! I operate my MBP on the table, making sure it is a hard surface, with nothing to stop the exchange of air. In the office I place it on an iCurve which keeps it very cool. no need for more fans/noise!
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