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Rec: iPod- & Headphone-friendly cheapish radio combo?

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Well... that's it. The IT guys are now blocking all the streaming audio sites so so long international radio that kept me sane.

I guess I'm reduced to downloading (at home - iTunes is another no-no) podcasts and listening to them at work. Except I don't want to be constantly running down the battery during the day and I might as well get a radio combo.

Except, like I said, it's for the office. Ergo: it should be pretty cheap. And have a headphone plug.

And suggested models or brands out there (perhaps on sale)?
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anything wrong with the iPod radio/remote?

I was really looking for something more of a stand-alone desktop box.

The 'radio' was really more for absolute-minimum-entertainment-backup (and the large clock face, hopefully).

As it stands, today I brought in a thumb drive that I loaded up with some podcasts that's playing through WMP so I'm OK.

I guess I was sort of hoping this 'disaster' would require me to seriously consider getting a large new Nano for 'daily' use and using my present 2G Nano as, basically, a mobile podcast container.:eek:

And having a docking station built into a clock/radio would be required... wouldn't it:heybaby:

But, since the thing would be sitting here in an open office and I'd only be playing podcasts and music through $24 London Drug headphones, I don't need extraordinary quality or cost.
A stand-alone desktop box? = > Radio Shack.

"Radio Shack"?

What's that?

I just went to FutureShop at lunch - nothing there's under $100 that's clock-radio-y-with-iPod-dock.

So I bought a $40 4G Kingston thumb drive. Guess I'll just use that to transport the podcasts from home and just not have access to crappy Vancouver radio stations :)

On an aside --> anyone know why the heck Winners at Granville & Robson puts it's electronics section off the main corridor and in the middle of the men's undershirts & socks section instead of somewhere a bit more gender-neutral like the Household Crap section? :ptptptptp
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