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Rec? Diary/planner/agenda design app. or template?

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Man. I don't know where to put this question but I'm *sure* someone here can come up with a solution :D

I'm looking for:

-- an end result: an 5.5"x8.5" (in other words, two pages landscape per letter size paper) agenda page that I can print out duplex and have Kinko cut and coil-bind (probably in three- or six-month intervals to cut down on the awkward thickness) that will look like a one-day-per-two-page layout with lines and a couple of appointment blocks of my choosing with lots of space for notes under each appointment.

I have a friend who books two appointment times on certain days but each exam taker requires pre-approval notes and, no, I can't get everyone booking these things to just do it on the computer. They like pens and they're not going to change.

However, the old standby, Blueline agendas, only have one-day-per-page and appointment times from 7AM to 7PM and that just doesn't leave enough space. They have a new agenda but the layout is too fussy.

-- And she needs those month-before and month-after calendars in the corners.

-- Oh, and a blank template with 'fill in the damned date yourself'? N'ah-ah. Need those dates printed up, man.

I've looked at inserting that calendar autotext in Word but damned if I can figure out how to update the actual calendars to 2007 and beyond :eek:

Anyone know of any templates in common applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Adobe Professional) or any applications that'll do this one task?

I'm really surprised neither Kinko nor the agenda refill companies let you customize your agenda/planner/diary page... .

Suggestions, oh wise ones?

PS. If I'm going to do this, I'm happy with Mac apps. since, if I have to buy the application, it sure as shootin' is staying in my environment. But I'm sure I can bug one of the guys to bring in their own Windows laptop and we'll go downstairs to the wifi coffeeshop and download what needs to be done there :rolleyes:
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Palm desktop (free) allows printing in Daytimer and other formats in different sizes and works find without a palm device; is something like that what you're thinking of?

from Ottawa
Have you tried Entourage? It will print in Dayrunner, Daytimer and Franklin 5.5x8.5 formats.
You've both mentioned great applications. In fact, I still use the Palm Desktop to store my addresses.

But both apps assume that you'll be updating your calendar on the computer and *then* printing out the pages in the various agenda sizes. So the printed pages don't have ruled lines and you can't play with the design of the pages, only the manner in which they're eventually printed.

What I'm trying to do is basically find a template or application that will lay out a year's worth of blank, lined, dated and designed pages that can then be coil-bound and left on a desk so that people booking appointments will simply write names, contact info and notes *in pen* on the lined pages.

I guess I'm looking for something closer to PageMaker than Entourage, if you know what I mean :)

I'm really surprised. I can't *believe* there isn't a well-known application that can do this function. It just seems like such an obvious market... .

Unless there *is* an application and either I just don't know the secret search words for it or I'm obtuse.

Thanks for the suggestions, though. Both apps look really nice printed (if you're keeping tabs of your calendar online).
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D*I*Y Planner is great. So pretty. But, unfortunately, we're back to pre-designed .pdfs. But so pretty. And organized. And slightly neurotic. But pretty :)

ClickBook seems to run the same way and I'll still be cruising around the third link... .

I just can't *believe* there isn't some Excel-like plug-in or add-on that would create something like this... it just seems like a very natural application idea.

My friend may just have to lump it with a one-day-a-page and unneccessary appointment times, I guess.

But thanks for some more links. Maybe I should find out how contributors at D*I*Y create their initial design and modifiy that. Or just leave well enough alone.
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