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Admin—Apologies that I probably don't meet the number of forum posts required to post here. Hopefully you'll look past this? 🙏 🙏 🙏

With a heavy heart, I'm parting ways with this gem Macintosh Classic II. I rescued it from a landfill fate 15 years ago. In unknown condition—body looks good but has naturally aged so not as pristine in colour as it once was—though I understand there are methods one can use to bring it back to former glory. Note there is some sort of foam sticker near the handle (see second image) which I've never tried to remove. Unit comes with original keyboard and mouse, but I don't have the power cord for the main system.

This could be a fun find for the right Mac geek out there, though. 🙂

I was going to use it for a project that I never got around to, and finally 15 years later, it's time to admit it'll never happen. No idea if it boots up, but I know someone is likely to be interested. Need to get it out of my apartment before I move on Tuesday, August 31.

Payment accepted by e-transfer or in-person.
Pickup only: North York / Toronto (Yonge and Finch area, postal code M2M 0B1)

Will mark thread title as sold when gone; if not marked as such, item is still available, so please don't fill up my inbox asking if still available. :cool: May the odds be ever in your favour!

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