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Ran out of application memory

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2015 MBP, 10.13.6, 16 GB, ~20% free disk space

I don't often shut down my Mac. Things were slowing down yesterday so I restarted, used Memory Clean's deep clean option, ran OnyX.

Overnight, I had only a few apps running: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, TextEdit. (Yeah, all have many open tabs.)

Woke up to find all apps quit & a warning I had run out of application memory. First time, I believe, since 2015!

Restarted those applications (screenshot attached) & ran Memory Clean again. Looked OK but noted Firefox as a memory hog (Activity Monitor screenshot attached).

Any ideas, please? TIA!

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Firefox is still something of a memory hog, though. I restart it from time to time, because I've seen it hog as many as 5 or 6 GB of my 20 GB of memory.
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He already posted screen shots of his Activity Monitor.
OminiPage OCR was a good program!

I still maintain an older unit because on that one I own Photoshop instead of renting it.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts