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Ran out of application memory

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2015 MBP, 10.13.6, 16 GB, ~20% free disk space

I don't often shut down my Mac. Things were slowing down yesterday so I restarted, used Memory Clean's deep clean option, ran OnyX.

Overnight, I had only a few apps running: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, TextEdit. (Yeah, all have many open tabs.)

Woke up to find all apps quit & a warning I had run out of application memory. First time, I believe, since 2015!

Restarted those applications (screenshot attached) & ran Memory Clean again. Looked OK but noted Firefox as a memory hog (Activity Monitor screenshot attached).

Any ideas, please? TIA!

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Thanks, Randy. I thought I was safe around 80%. We had a previous discussion about this. I was not aware. Last time I offloaded quite a lot but 'stuff' has built up again.

Would it not be enough to quit those browsers overnight? I notice almost every webpage in those open tabs seems to take up RAM.

Anyway, here's the profile. Thanks.
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Thanks, Randy. I now have dumped some stuffing. I have 399GB free of 1TB.

But there are still some anomalies. Slow to wake from sleep, spontaneous restarts.

It's an SSD so not defrag.

What a rip-off, eh! Buy a 1TB SSD & get 750GB of storage!
Any ideas? Reinstall MacOS? Thx.
Thanks, Patrick & Reboot. Have 399Gb of free space at the moment. Mac took a bit to settle down but (touch wood) no spontaneous reboots so far & wakes from sleep normally.

I don't use OnyX or Memory Clean often, only when there are problems. I have not realised that every open webpage tab used memory (duh).

Big worry for me is, this is a 2015 Mac, my only computer, and a new one would sure clean me out.
I do worry that old MBPs are less robust than old iMacs. Battery aso.
That said, there are sometimes problems (17" 2011 MBP) which become to grievous/expensive/ no resilient to fix.
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