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Quicktime and Sony DVD camcorder files

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I have a sony 403 dvd camcorder. When i download the raw jpeg's off the sony recorded dvd media the files look like jpeg's and play on my windows pc in windows media player. When I place the files on my mac they still look like jpeg files but quicktime wont play them. (although VLC plays them fine).

I did a little research and find that this has something to do with Sony or Microsoft or both in that the raw files the sony camcorder produces will not play directly on a mac using quicktime. Something to do with licensing.

Apparently I need something called MPEG Streamclip which is free and something called Apple quicktime 6 MPEG-2 playback component. The Apple software will set me back $30 and before i do that i was wondering if someone has knowledge of this item and can confirm to me that this will work.

As mentioned above I can play them fine using VLC but my goal is to convert them so that I can edit them in imovie. (Not sure if vlc will allow me to edit, if it does then i could skip the quicktime stuff but not sure)

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Are these jpeg movie files? I am not familiar with the Sony Cams.
Yeah I have a Sony Digital 8 and I can choose the format to a certain extent, can you make the Sony Cam record to .dv (Digital Video)? That way you can edit directly in iMovie and Burn in iDVD. Jpeg movies seem kinda oldschool, and I can't imagine the quality being that great. I may be wrong.
I don't have a camera, Sony or otherwise, but I do have a Toshiba DVD recorder that produces disks with similar formats.

If I record, say, a TV show in DV format on a DVD+RW disk, it will not mount on the Mac's desktop. However, if I open Toast 8 Titanium, the disk appears in its Media Browser. If I then open the DV file in the DVD-Video window and choose the Export button, I can export the file as a normal DV file that mounts on the Mac desktop and can easily be edited in iMovie.

I haven't tried MPEG Streamclip for this, but it sounds like a good idea. It's a must-have for doing anything with MPEG-2 (DVD) video. (Update: MPEG Streamclip doesn't see the recorder CD-RW. So much for that idea.)
Sorry guys.. where i wrote jpeg i should have wrote mpeg... In any case thanks for the replies... i think i can do one of two things.. one is hook up a DV camcorder and record to it and then edit and two is use MPEG Streamclip and the Apple quicktime 6 MPEG-2 playback component.

Thanks for the info.
You can use Toast to convert your Mpeg files also. I don`t think you would need the Quicktime component. I have the Hitachi DVD-CAM and when I use a DVD-RAM disk, I use toast to "pull" the Mpegs out and then MPEG Streamcip to convert to either DV or MOV. If I have a finalized mini DVD-R, drag and drop the Video-TS file to my desktop and then I convert the .VOBs to again, DV or MOV, using Streamclip. BTW, I have the QT component.
Hi Mike, thanks for the info. I don't have Toast but it sounds like something I should invest in.. One thing to remember though, is that this problem with the files coming off the Sony dvd-camcorder and not being readable by quicktime may not exist on other makes of dvd-camcorders. I've read that other makes like Canon work just fine, that is that the mpeg's are readable by quicktime. So this may be something that SONY has decided to do in partnership with Microsoft but of course that's just my guess.
You could use VLC to transcode them into a format you can use with natively with iMovie.
I didn't realize that vlc could do that.
I explored the settings a bit but it's all over my head.
I'll do so more exploring and see if i can make sense of it.

A more in-depth program but relatively stright forward once set up is ffmpegX. You will need to pick up two files and tell ffmpeg to install them (do this in the Admin profile if you have one or it won't work).

All the links you need are on the download page.

It's probably more work than you would want to do for just one file, but if you have a few it's a very capable program... and free, which is always good.
Thanks, it looks promising. I'll investigate.
I'm sorry, but can't you just pick the format you want it in when you create a new imovie and click import? That's how I make my DV, MP4, MOV files from camera. Or are you sticking the DVD disc in to rip it?

If you are physicallt inserting the disc, you might want to try plugging the camera in via firewire and simply importing. Seems easier to me, but I may be totally off, I mean, mine are tapes so that's how I HAVE to do it.
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