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I'm running Quicktime 7.2.0... And I'm having some real issues. It used to be that if QT couldn't open a video file I had, it'd just let me know that it couldn't play it. But instead now, it just tries to open it and crashes until I force quit it. The biggest problem is that this crashes Front Row whenever I'm trying to navigate through videos and it comes across one that it can't play and it tries to show me a preview.

I've added a few components to my Quicktime library, so I don't know if that's affecting it. I tried restarting my computer, reinstalling the DivX and Xvid codecs, and that didn't help. Should I clear out ALL of the components? Is there a way that I can wipe Quicktime COMPLETELY from my computer and then just re-download it from Apple? Would that fix it? Would it **** things over on my computer?
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