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they take pc100 ram
You can have 2 internal hard drives
you can switch the optical drive fro any compatible combo or dvd drive
The only thing lowend about it is the pci video
the radeon video card is the best for this unit
the proccessor is upgradeable and may make sense at alater date for this machine, perhaps a g4 800 with a 1mb cache
pretty much ok for $450, and the free stuf with it is a nice bonus
a 14 inch monitor is kind of useless except as an extended desktop with a second video card
I think these machines have 3 pci slots
If you need a decent mac, I would go for it, it should do you for a couple of years for business, web, and some 2d graphics and gaming, iMovie and video should be acceptable
yeh, sure, not too bad
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