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question about refreshed item

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Hey everyone,

Does the 14 return policy apply to the refreshed items at the apple store?

Also, is there a restocking fee if you return the refreshed item?

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I've returned refreshed items before -- usually no restocking fee. The item is already "open" per se, so they can't charge you the 15% "if opened" fee. ;)
Thanks, that what I was guessing, but I wanted to make sure before going to the store.
I've heard that they sometimes tried to charge it, but if you argue with them a little, it shouldn't be a big deal to get it dropped.

Good luck :) What are you returning?
Oh I haven't bought anything yet, I plan to buy a refreshed macbook, but I wanted to know if I could return it without the restocking fee, before buying it.
I thought you could not return refreshed product. That is, if the product is DOA they just send it to an Apple technician.
Vapour, where did you hear that? I've returned a Refreshed Mac Mini before 'cause the friend I bought it for didn't want to switch to mac (I know... they're still in the dark ages...).

I've also had friends return refreshed MacBooks, etc...

Maybe you can't return Refurbs -- from But I doubt that too.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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