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Hoping someone can provide some insight. I've scoured many tech forums and the like and tried all of the suggested remedies thus far to no avail.

When I boot the system, finder goes into a continues loop crashing and restarting.

I believe this may have something to do with a printer driver I installed.

I can get into Safe mode
I can boot to single-user and I've run fsck and a number of other commands to attempt to repair the issue.
I've moved the Preferences folder for the usual login account to a folder with a new name as well as moving the Caches folder for that account.

I am now at a point where when I attempt to boot from my Tiger DVD, the system hangs.

I've zapped the PRAM and reset the nvram as well.

Still won't boot. :yikes:



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Sounds like it could be a ram issue. Does the system have only Apple original ram, or aftermarket ram? If aftermarket, pop it out and test. If original, you can test a few other things, but you may end up having to talk to Apple.

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