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i used to use Palm Deskop, then went Entrouage and never looked back.

Entourage gives you what NO OTHER PIM or Email app does: calander, notes, tasks, contacts AND EMAIL all IN ONE APP. Given how we communicate in many differrent ways in this day and age, Entourage's advantages is obvious.

as for palm syncing, I have experienced sorting bugs with my addressbook data on my Palm PDA. Rather frustrating. i do not know if this problem exists due to Entourage, or the Handsping Neo's operating system or Addressbook handling :(

Hit and search for the word "Palm" under mac OS software. you'll find lots of software for the Mac that integrates a Palm OS PDA. Although I'm still using handspring's Palm software and Entrouage conduit , there are other third party options for Entourage.
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