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Publishing iWeb '08 sites on other web hosts

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Has anyone published their web sites developed on iWeb '08 to a web host that's not .Mac?

Care to share?

I recall that previously, one had to export the site to a folder and upload via FTP. Also, there were some .Mac-only features, such as slide shows, incremental publishing, etc. Are these "limitations" still in place? Specifically, are the new web galleries available outside of .Mac hosted sites?
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I'm still trying to figure out why my web site doesn't even pubish on my .mac account!

« Une erreur inconnue est survenue. »

If I ever get my new iMac (grrrrrrr. delayed shipping sucks.) I'd be happy to test it out on my hosting servers for you. Though I'm sure there's at least a few people who have non .mac hosting with iWeb, so they'll probably chime in first.

Yep, i had no problem putting an iWeb site on my domain. I cant inlclude a link here since it is a private portal site for one of my customers. But it works great, including RSS and all (you have to include your destination url when you publish for RSS to link up correctly). Not a single issue and this was a few days ago before the update that just came out.

Worked pretty well, i created a portal for software releases for one of my customers so they can download the latest versions and see compelete release notes for each build of each application. Browsable history, etc... Took a little over an hour and I got feedback immediately from the client, they love it! Should have done that sooner :)
I wish there was a 3rd party patch that would allow you to re-program that "Publish" button in iWeb to go to the host of your choice without the hassle of going through FTP.
How do the photo galleries look?
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