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Public/Seperate School Integration

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I was listening to CBC Radio One today and they had a very interesting call in show regarding the integration of Public and Separate school boards.

Looks like some of the other provinces are starting to merge Public and Separate boards, is it time to do this in Ontario?
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No, it's time for a Consitutional amendmentment, removing education from provincial jurisdiction, and placing it under federal jurisdiction.

Then shutdown all the school boards, and have things administered from Ottawa.

There is no reason education standards should differ coast to coast.

Oh, and get rid of the "seperate schools". They are just a vessel to push a religious agenda. Kids go to school to learn. Math, science, english, geography. The Bible is not a textbook.

That's "separate," guys. Hopefully if they merge the two systems the spelling will eventually improve.

I'm all for the merger, by the way. Let those who want their kids to have religious instruction pay for it.
The Bible is not a textbook.
Oh Oh.... :eek:

That was a good one.. ;)
That's "separate," guys.
D'oh! I blame lack of built-in spell check on my office PC.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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