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Programs Won't Open - HELP!

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I've run into a weird error and I'm hoping someone can help me. My G5 wouldn't come out of the screensaver yesterday so I had to turn it off by holding the power button. After I turned it on again, many of my programs won't start. For example, if I click on the Safari icon in the dock, it bounces and then just stops. Nothing else happens. Also, Onyx won't start either.

It almost seems random as to which programs work and which do not. Safari doesn't work but Firefox does. Mail doesn't work but Address book and Calendar do. I've tried deleting the cache files and repairing permissions, but I'm not sure what else to do.

G5 1.8 Tower
Tiger 10.4.8

(note the software update won't open either)

Has anyone run into this before? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Try Repair Permissions: Go to Applications, Utilities, Disk Utility, select your drive & hit Repair Permissions. Then do a Restart (just because), and see if your programs will open now. This often works for me when things start getting sticky.
Try the following one at a time, testing after each step.

1 Zap the PRAM

2 Boot off installation disk (or external drive) and run Disk Utility's, Repair Permissions and Repair Disk

3 use a 3rd party disk utility to scan your drive.

4 Boot into single user mode and run fsck
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