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problem with iTunes on Boot Camp partition

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Hi everyone,

I am (begrudgingly) running Windows XP SP2 in Boot Camp 1.4 on my iMac and have been having problems ripping CDs in iTunes

Whenever I am ripping, there are problems with the audio playback in iTunes (song playback is slow, accompanied with clicking noises) which in itself isn’t a big deal but every other app on the system grinds to a crawl at the same time. The cursor moves slowly, any open application runs slowly and other audio playback is slow. I basically can’t do anything while ripping a CD.

I've checked processes running and couldn't see anything obvious and I've tried uninstalling and re installing iTunes with no change. I have this same version of iTunes running on another PC and have asked others if they have had problems with no solution. I have scoured newsgroups, iTunes support, iTunes help..nothing.

Obviously, iTunes and/or my optical drive is hogging my system resources whilst ripping but not in any identifiable way and this only happens while ripping on the Windows Boot Camp partition. iTunes runs fine on the Mac OSX side. I have done ALL of the Windows and Mac updates.

All of that said, the resulting ripped AAC files sound fine.

Please, no lectures about running Windoze on a Mac. I have 2 other Macs that run OSX full time however, for a number of reasons, I have to run iTunes and a few other “non Mac friendly” apps on this partition. In short I need iTunes to run on this machine.

The machine in question is a 24” iMac, 2GB RAM, 256 MB GeForce 7600, 750 GB HD and 8x Superdrive.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have the same problem as you. I installed Leopard then partition my HD with Boot Camp, installed Vista on the partition but now music on iTunes on the Vista side sounds choppy and seems to slow down every 30 seconds. It is annoying... if you find out the problem, please let me know. At first I thought it my be a soundcard driver problem but music sounds fine with Windows media Player, no problems there.

Take care!
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