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Anyone know a good place to buy them?

Hopefully in packs of 50 - 100

I'm considering buying one of those new printers that can print on CD-Rs and need to know if the discs can be easily found (and for cheap!)

Haven't had to much luck finding them at the standard stores.

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I noticed Staples was selling the (now discontinued) Stylus 900 for a good price last week. An excellent printer that does the CD/DVD thing.

I'm holding out for the Stylus R800 (due February). At my estimated $600 (US 400) it's not an inexpensive printer, but it really does have everything:
8 ink cartridges (photo black and matte black), ultrachrome (archival) 6-colour printing
CD/DVD printing
4" & 8.3" roll paper
8.5" sheet paper width; up to 44" long
4x6/5x7/8x10 borderless photo printing
8.3"x23.4" panoramic photo printing (roll photo paper)
Fast and quiet (45dbA max)
Low power consumption (2W standby/20W active)
Win/OS8.6~OSX compatible; all included Windows SW has a Mac counterpart
1.5 picolitre (max) inkdrop size (inkdrop size is a better indication of print quality than resolution)
1440 dpi resolution

I've owned HP and Epson printers; although the early Epsons were a bit noisy, you can't argue with the image quality. HP tends to have a bit better pricing on ink.
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