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Price check: Imac core duo 1.83ghz

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Hey guys, might be upgrading to a 20" imac CD2.
Trying to figure out how much i could get back for my current machine:
17" Intel core duo 1.83 Imac
1 gb ram
160 gb HD
Radeon X1600 128mb
Wired keyboard + mighty mouse, remote.
Excellent condition. No scratches or damage.
All original boxes, discs etc
No warranty or applecare.

thanks in advance.
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I just looked at one locally with 512 MB but including OfficeX for $1000. That seemed like a good deal to me.
Apple sells these online as refurbs for $1079 and with full warranty.

Futureshop was also clearing these out a few months back (when the C2D's were released) for $999.

I think around $1K could be a good starting point.
yeah i see that futureshop sells the core duo 2's with lesser specs for 1100+tax right now.
I havent seen them on the refurb page for a while now, but i was thinking with the extra ram and immaculate condition i could fairly ask for 1100.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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