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This is my dad's rig.

2006 Mac Mini
1.66 GHz Core Duo
512 MB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRam (256x2)
80gb SATA
OS X Leopard 10.5.8

Excellent condition.

Is this any good for an iTunes or XMBC server?

According to the ram is upgradable 2GB.

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I have the same model and the processor is upgradeable to a core 2 duo. I picked up a 2GHz on ebay (they go for $30 these days) and is still going strong.
I have the same model in my bedroom as a PLEX client. How do I upgrade the processor? Is it hard? I have opened each and every computer that I have ever owned (except for the Mac Minis) so I am not scared messing around with the insides.

I just may be tempted to do the same, because, honestly, this computer isn't very good at much else!

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I'm also interested in upgrading the processor or selling mine. (2 mac minis, 1.66, 1 with 512 ram, the other 2 gig ram)

I was going to try going the XBMC route as well.

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I think these have the GMA video card, pretty poor for XBMC. It may work but forget about 1080p content.
The minimum for 1080p content would be a 2009 model that has the 9400M and C2D processor.
This one's fine for everyday non-HD use =)
I recently bought one for my dad for 140$, the 2009 models are around 300$ then after that is the 2010+ models starting from 400$ and up.
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