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MikoMew - This is only for getting the "free" (you have to pay S&H however) upgrade to Snow Leopard if you have purchased a computer since June 8th.


Multiple Qualifying Computers on a Single Invoice

If you purchased multiple qualifying systems on a single invoice, you can either (1) purchase a Single-User Upgrade Kit for each qualifying product, at a cost of $9.95 (USD)*; or (2) purchase fewer Single-User Upgrade Kits and request the Right to Copy for the remaining qualifying products.
You're supposed to submit the form for each invoice for each Mac you're bringing "up to date" (aka getting the "free" upgrade if you've bought the computer since June 8th). If the computer was purchased before June 8th you're expected to buy the full version at $35 CDN if you want to upgrade to Snow Leopard.

Postmark: The date that the post office marks on the envelope when it is accepted. You can see more on Wikipedia.
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