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I was at the HR Professional Association of Ontario trade show a few years ago - working the exhibition for my employer at the time (a small company that makes the finest payroll/hr software in Canada).

To stave off boredom while all the delegates were in session, I brought my PowerBook. The first iWork was on that machine. I built a little keynote and because it looked so cool I started it up, looped it and placed the notebook on our pedastal.

It caught the eye of a passerby. She watched the keynote for a moment (in particular a really pretty ROI slide with a sweet looking graph) and we started talking. That conversation led to a sale to one of the most recognized retail chains in Canada and one of the biggest deals I had that year.

I doubt a PPT would have had the same traffic stopping impact (especially back then).

So yeah, I love Keynote and I can't wait to see what else Apple have in store for us in the next version.
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