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This machine has been sold.

I have for sale my Power Macintosh G5 Dual Processor 2.3GHz. This unit was purchased since new and has been upgraded to 8GB of RAM and retains its stock 250GB Hard Disk. It is running Leopard currently. You can find technical information regarding this series of mac here (

I am looking for $900 net to me, so if you are not in Edmonton, you will have to pay the shipping cost.

Note that this price is firm, and I am not looking to part this machine out, and I'm not in a rush to sell it other than my work area is getting crowded. Any lowballers will be ignored. I would consider some type of trade for MacBook Air or Unibody MacBook as well, or maybe some Canon SLR camera gear, like fast L lenses or 580EX I/II flash gear or CP battery packs (not bodies, I have 4 of those already).

Full history of this machine

This machine has been a workhorse for me and has never given me any trouble whatsoever. In the macintouch survey on reliability, the Dual Processor 2.3 was the most reliable out of all the G5s made, and this is a perfect example. Note that this model is not liquid cooled so there is no issue with leaky and failing LCS like the 2.5s and up.

I have not babied this machine as it has been a production machine for me, and I have upgraded it to the maximum RAM possible, 8GB, but I have left the stock hard disk in there. Other than the hard disks, there is nothing more to add to the system, it already has the best gear that I could put in there at the time.

Note that I treat my Macs with great care and attention even though I push them. The keyboard images show how clean I like to keep my gear. Even the crumb catcher design of the white keyboard has very little crud on top or below.

Even the power cord is very clean. Being white, you often see dirt on these cables. Dirty cables drive me nuts.

Most used PowerMacs and Mac Pros get some damage (rashing) to the grab rails since the Macs are quite heavy. I've taken pictures of the handles to show that they are in mint condition.

I am including the original mouse (unopened), but you'll probably leave it that way too, since it is the single button clear model. I am also throwing in a Mighty Mouse with this Mac.

Note that I've tried to keep all the bits that came with the Mac, so even the USB head clips are still there for the keyboard to keep things from getting scratched.

I have also put in an Airport Card (b/g), and I am also including a third party button style bluetooth adapter. No drivers are needed to be installed for the bluetooth, it works with the standard Apple drivers.

When I first got the machine I also upgraded the video card to the fastest card at the time and also one that supports dual-dvi signals so you can use the 30" cinema display with it. Note that this card is NOT a flashed PC card but the official mac version of the X800 series, and can support a second display of up to 1920x1200. This card was also a bit noisy so when the fan was getting a bit too loud, I replaced the fan with a Zalman copper unit. I have included the original fan in the original video card box in case you ever decide you want to go back to the 'noise maker.'

Also included is an extremely hard to find ADC to Dual-DVI adapter, so you can drive the X800 with modern DVI monitors. Without this adapter you would be stuck using an ADC based monitor (getting rarer all the time) to output 2560x1600, as the second DVI port does not go as high.

Like I said, the only reason why I'm selling is because of this ridiculous situation:

Those are just the macs. I have 2 other PC towers and my firewall so something has to go, and this Mac, while still great, just doesn't get the attention it deserves anymore since I got my (used) Octo core Mac Pro.

FYI, the dual 2.3 is on the left, a dual 1.8 in the middle, and the Mac Pro is on the right. I'll get around to selling the 1.8 dual as well, but it's not as pristine as the dual 2.3, since the 1.8 wasn't mine from brand new.

If you want any more images or want to see the machine in person, just email me at tonyhtwong at gmail dot com and we can get things started. If you require any history from me, my ebay ID is tonywong88, although I haven't purchased any high ticket items in a while.

I also have a 22" display that came with the Mac Pro that I have no need for. If you want the display (no box, sorry), I can throw that in for $100 (bundle only). It's a LG, L222WTS, seems to work fine although I haven't done very much with it other than casually check it out.


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Wound you be interested in parting out the video card by itself? I need to beef up the video on my Dual 1.8 G5.

Let me know.


Sorry, it is a package deal only. I only have the 1 card installed in the dual 2.3 so parting it out would leave the system without video.
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