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I once watched a two-hour DVD movie on my Pismo on the flight to Cuba. Then I played for a while with some photoshop stuff I was working on. (Photos of my previous trip I had stored for my girlfriend)

After clearing customs and arriving at my hotel, I found that the power was off for the whole city (not an unusual situation in me) Since I had already swapped the spare battery into the drive bay (Pismo's are "hot-swappable") I continued to work on the photoshop stuff in my darkened hotel room.

During this time I must have fallen asleep (jetlag, plus a good shot of very old Cuban Rum no doubt contributed to my passing out ). I woke up at daybreak and found that the Pismo had gone to sleep. As soon as I touched the mouse, it woke up and...guess what? I still had some battery power left!! I went ahead and finished what I was doing in Photoshop before I decided to plug it in and charge the batteries. There was still some power left at this point!!

Try doing THAT with a TiBook! :eek: :cool:

Pismos ROCK! :cool: :cool:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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