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Hi all

My wife has a 1ghz TiBook with 1gig of ram and 10.4.9 installed on it.

If it is left on for awhile the screen will go black like it has gone to sleep. The computer is not asleep though and is still running. The LCD wont come back on unless you close the lid and let the computer go to sleep. After opening the lid the picture comes back.

Any ideas? I have reset the PRAM but it didnt help.

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Glad it was so simple :) It also could had been the video inverter board that was going bad but the part is only $35 on ebay and easy to install in the PB Ti DVI.

BTW, if someone need a motherboard for the PowerBook Titanium DVI I have a good working 867mhz mobo that I would sell for a reasonable price.
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