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Situation: 2 Powerbook G4's one a 1Ghz aluminum, one a 1.33/1.5Ghz alumininum. Insides are pretty much identical.

I have a third motherboard that is a 1.5ghz one.
the 1Ghz motherboad was working, but the computer had a broken screen (it was stepped on) It would still boot up fine and would work connected to an external screen.

The 2nd powerbook wouldn't boot up at all and I determined it was the motherboard and ordered a replacement. After installing the replacement, it would chyme, but show nothing on the screen. Wondering if they had sent me a non-working motherboard I decided to try the 1Ghz board in the powerbook.

At first it booted up and I got the apple logo and I turned it off having determined that it was the motherboard I had purchased. So I went to return the other motherboard, and decided to leave the 1Ghz board in the powerbook with the working screen. After putting it together, and booting it up, it chymed and nothing on the screen.

The CPU seems to get really hot pretty quickly so I wonder if I just blew out the replacement motherboard and the 1Ghz motherboard.

I don't know if anyone could follow that, but if there is anything else I can try before saying screw it and tossing the computers I'm open to suggestions. I even swapped the power board from the working powerbook to see if that was an issue.
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