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Check this site out.

Currently they've got the Tungsten T for $526.99 CDN. Shipping is only $10 too. And, if that's not enough, Palm has a promotion where you can send in for a FREE Veo camera that plugs into the SD slot. Sure it's 640 x 480 but it's small and a $99 US value. Heck, it's free:)

Oh yeah, you don't even have to buy from that site to get the sweet deal. Print off the page, bring it to a Staples or FutureShop and they'll match it with their SWEET price match policies.

Staples Canada Price Protection Policy:


Show us a lower advertised price on a new identical item now or within 14 days of your purchase. We?ll match it PLUS give you 50% of the difference as a credit toward your purchase. (Maximum credit: $50). So, if you were to find an item priced at our store for $100 but $50 somewhere else, we would match the $50 price. PLUS, you would receive $25 towards your purchase.



Proof can be a faxed in or e-mailed copy of a current dated advertisement, register receipt, catalogue page or competitor web page.

If our competitor limits the quantity you can purchase, we can only match the price for the same quantity as the competitor offers. If the competitor says, ?while supplies last?, we will gladly honour the price after we check to make sure the competitor has the item in-stock.

We can only match the price for items that are regularly stocked merchandise and not for special orders. When on a product page regularly stocked merchandise is listed as having delivery available next day while special order items are listed as having 2-3 day delivery.

In many cases, items bought from the U.S. (or internationally) are not warranted by any Canadian manufacturer. In order to save you potential problems, we only sell items with Canadian warranties. Because of this, as well as duty, shipping, brokerage, and exchange fluctuations, we do not price match items shipping from destinations or websites outside of Canada.

When comparing catalogue or Internet competitors prices, next day shipping and handling charges will be included in the price match analysis. If no shipping or handling charges are readily available in the advertisement, a flat fee of $5 will be added to the competitor price.

If we offer a rebate and after the rebate our price beats the competition, no price guarantee will be given. You will be getting the lowest final cost by shopping at our site. (For example, if our price is $100 before a $25 rebate then your final cost is $75. If the competitor price is $85 without a rebate, there will be no price match.)

We reserve the right to limit quantities sold to an individual customer. And of course, this policy does not cover typographical errors. Prices do not include applicable taxes.

The terms of this guarantee are subject to change without notice. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Good PDA with Bluetooth that syncs nicely with Macs.
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