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I got Storm today,
It's not a bad little program.
I've quickly discovered that my 400 mhz Beige needs an
upgrade because the latency quickly approached when I had 4
instruments and effects going at once.

Looks like I need something a little more powerful to run it
without running out of CPU usage.
I'm still waiting for the owners manual for my keyboard, So I've
been just running the program in syth mode until I get the
manual. (The company that shipped my PCR-A30 forgot to
include an owners manual and I have no idea how to program
the thing to work with Storm)

I've been weighing the differences of whether I should buy a
900 mhz G3 Zif chip for my Beige.
I may just end up building a Pentium 4 as a music only
computer instead.

Anyways...I'm not missing playing with Garageband, I have
Storm running on my Lombard, Although...It only runs 2
instruments at a time with 2 effects.

Dave :cool:
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