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Photoshop CS2 spinning wheel

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Actually, this happened in CS1 when I was using that too...

First of all, I'm running a 2xG5 2.0, 2GB.

Why is it that regularly when using Photoshop, I'll get the spinning wheel for up to a minute? This happens when doing the most mundane or simplest of things. It could be changing layers, swapping tools, anything...

It's not that I'll be running too many things or anything. Most likely Suitcase, Entourage and Safari will be open. Nothing more usually. Is it Entourage taking over temporarily for some reason?

I do all the maintenance things regularly. I am upgrading to 3GB memory either today or monday, but I'm not sure that'll cure it.

Most people in my studio have the same problem - we're all similarly spec'd.

Any ideas? Oh, I donate around 70% memory to Photoshop in its preferences. Is that too much? Not enough?
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Often the spinning wheel is a sign that virtual memory is working overtime. Do not know how much memory is installed so hard to say if more memory will be a cure or if 70% is too high an allotment.

Also with any Adobe program make sure there is a lot of free disk space for the scratch files.

You could also go into preferences and reduce the number of undoes available. Yoy will have to let experience tell you how many undoes you really need. I can usually make do at 20 but some projects need are more complex.

I have also found that with 20MB and bigger files that I like to have a maximum of four images open at one time. My system is a lot older than yours and you should be able to handle more images than that with ease.
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