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Photos From iPhone

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Somebody from MobileGuerilla claiming to have found the first Apple iPhone pictures on the web.

He searched for “taken with an apple iphone” on Google for well over a month now and finally found a set of Flickr images tagged with the phrase. The phrase is automatically generated by Flickr based on the EXIF data from the camera itself.

The Flickr account however belongs to an individual who can be tracked down to a LinkedIn profile which reveals that they are a Program Manager at Apple in the Consumer Electronics industry.

I think the quality of first photo is amazing,especially to a 2 megapixels cell phone camera.
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or they tagged "taken on an iPhone" as a joke...
Yeah... no way to prove it, so... big deal.
Yeah... no way to prove it, so... big deal.
yeah really eh? i've already seen these a while ago.... but really, big deal. it's not the first time a phone has ever taken a picture.
This is not the first time that somebody claims that his or her pictures had been taking with an iPhone. Wait after June 29 and you will see a lot of posted pictures taken wiht the iPhone.

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