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Photo Booth Problem!!

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Hey guys/girls. I just recently purchased a used macbook 2.0 ghz. When i bought it the photo booth program worked perfectly and took photos as it should. But now i have turned on my macbook today and opened photo booth and it just has a green screen instead of seeing what the iSight is seeing.

Have i turned something off? the green light beside the iSight is on but all I see is green. :(

If someone knows whats up then let me know, I'd like to get this fixed!

Thanks in advance for your help.

by the way, i have tried restarting the program and computer but nothing seems to happen.
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Find the Photobooth plist and delete it.

Beyond that, sounds like a hardware problem.
It's most likely that you have selected one of the effects (there are two buttons, 1 and 2, which have nine effects each which can be applied to the image "live").

The setting is persistent between program launches. You can easily reset it by choosing either (1) or (2) and clicking the middle button (which shows the normal view).

No, i know about the effects and that is what i first thought so i screwed around with that but it is actually a green screen in "normal" mode.

where are the plists for it??? It has no preference under file or anything..?:-(
Spotlight "photobooth" and that should locate the plist file. Trash it, empty trash, try Photo Boot again.
the green screen is that the program can not connect to the isight
try to log off then on
i had this issue once and that fixed it
I had this exact problem today on my Macbook Pro. The green light was actually on right when I booted up the computer, before I even launched Photo Booth which was what made me think something was wrong. Then when I launched Photo Booth, all I saw was green. I tried restarting it, which didn't help, then I just powered it off for about 30 seconds, and it didn't happen again when it came up. Hopefully it doesn't come back.

Turn off the computer, unplug it, remove the battery.

Wait about a half an hour.

Connect everything and boot up.

Alright, I will give this a shot tonight when i get home.

Thanks for your help. I'll let you know what happens!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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