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Yeah, stay away from the MS Wireless stuff, it is overpriced and annoying. Try a company that is a little more mac Friendly and standards compliant like D-Link, or Netgear.

From there it should be like this:

Wall to ADSL Modem with phone cable
ADSL Modem to Wireless Router with Ethernet Cable
Wireless Router to Desktop with Ethernet Cable
Wireless Router to Wireless Enabled Laptop wirelessly
(macspectrum just pointed this out too).

A point worhty of note, LD is currently selling the D-Link DI614+ router and the DWL-650+ Wireless caardbus Card together with a 100$ instant rebate. The card is normally 110$, so you are essentially paying 10$ for it. Also, through the 1st or 2nd of May they also have a total of 30$ in mail in rebates as well. So for 269$ worth of stuff you end up paying 169$ and then getting 30$ back in the mail.

The card wont work in a Mac Laptop (that I am aware of) but you can sell it on eBay for a few bucks and put that back towards the price of the router. In the end I wouldn't be surprised if you had spent less than 100$.

Check it out.

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