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Perian 1.0 Released

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Perian 1.0 (a great codec package), has been released with a number of improvements:

- Added support for Matroska/mkv
- Integrated a52codec
- Added subtitle support
- Added support for .gvi (avi wrapper from Google Video)
- Changed distribution to a Preference Pane in order to make installation simpler and configuration possible in the long term.
- Changed installation directory from /Library/QuickTime to ~/Library/QuickTime.
- Fixed avi/flv over http
- Added support for Windows Media Audio in AVI
- Added support for MPEG-1 layer 2 audio
- Added support for the ADPCM audio codec in FLV
- Added Vorbis decoder
- Added support for Fraps FPS1
- Added support for VP3
- Added support for i263
- Added support for HuffYUV
- Added support for MPEG-1/2 video in AVI/MKV
- Fix opening AVIs with VBR audio for which there is no available decoder
- Fix crash with DVI ADPCM
- Fix multichannel audio descriptions in AVI
- Faster opening of AVI files
- High profile H.264 support
- Full MPEG-4 video support in .mp4
- Altivec & SSE2 colorspace conversion
- Fix DV in type 1 AVIs
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Thanks for the update! Perian rocks. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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