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I sold my original (CoreDuo) BlackBook a few months after I bought it because the Core2Duo was a significant improvement. I had bought the original machine at wholesale (worked for a Mac dealer in the States at the time), so I was able to sell it for almost exactly what I paid for it, and the customer (who needed a nice laptop but did not need the latest and greatest) was very happy.

I was even happier when I turned that money (plus about $200) into the new Core2Duo BlackBook. I'd already "spent" the original investment, so this was like getting a new one for almost nothing. :cool:

Upgrading (almost) every time a new machine comes out is actually not a bad way to go -- you get new machines with new warranties all the time, your buyers usually get a discount and the opportunity to buy AppleCare if you didn't already, and the actual cost works out to a few hundred every year (or two). Cheaper than renting ...
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