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Funny I should stumble across this thread when, just last night, looking for a used laptop to replace my failed yesterday and most loved bronze keyboard G3, I couldn't help but notice how many of those "almost new" ads there were.

Being from downtown Toronto, I know there are "a million stories in the naked city", and that even cars are often re-sold within weeks or months of their purchase because of divorce, financial problems, etc., but I still found it difficult to believe this was true so often with computers.

So I decided to check up on one: a Mac Mini the ad said was bought "only a year ago", which would mean late 2006. I looked up that model on Apple and it was the very first Mini released, in January 2005. Now I realize a store can have a model lying around for a little while, but almost two years after it's release? I think not.

This means they can't have bought that Mini new at a retail store, so either they're leaving out that it was second-hand to begin with....or???
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