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PDF Printing Difficulty

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Hi all,

I'm able to go this website and "look" at a pdf but I am unable to print it from the screen. I've tried saving a copy to the HD (which it allows you to do) but all I end up with is a XXX kb file (and I know that it's much bigger than that) and I can't print from that file either. My Laserjet simply sits there with its "Ready" light blinking as if it is receiving data but nothing's happening.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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PDFs can be locked to prevent printing (as well as prevent copying, or opening if the author wants.) Are you sure it is printable?

Try opening it in Preview and Acrobat (Adobe) Reader, different versions.

If you can't pint nohow, then take a screen shot of it off the screen, and print that.
Thanks for the response, CanadaRAM. It turned out that the Preview suggestion worked! :clap:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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